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Samuel Glancy is an 11 years old, grade 6 student and has a passion for photography and to help others especially those that are sick or in need.

Samuel has always been a kind and caring boy who often thinks and worries about others.

With the diagnosis of Samuel's Grandfather with terminal cancer in March 2016, Samuel learned that children can get very sick and from this, he wanted to help. He asked his parents to start a Fundraising page so he could use his Photography to raise money for Sick Children.

Since the age of 2, he has love to take photos. He started with toy cameras and would often use his Parent's phone to take photos of things around the house. He started using Mirrorless and Digital SLR's. He did a photography course in Grade 2 and started winning Photography awards at School. He learned skills from both his School Principal and his Father then went on to mastering photoshop with his photos.

Samuel G. 
Photography & Fundraiser

samuel glancy